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Battlefield Rumor 2042: Postponement of release date soon formalized

Battlefield Rumor 2042: Postponement of release date soon formalized

In the middle Rocksmith +, Dying Light 2 Be human And versions Old-Gen From Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, Yesterday was full of adjournment announcements. According to Jeff Krupp, who is often well known, this is only the beginning of a wave because of the journalist Venturebeat He hopes to contact someone else by the weekend.

What if it was Battlefield 2042 ? The person holding the chain claims to know from his sources. Web light Dealer Gaming, Which was particularly supported By Nick Spoeh From XboxEra, Often in good times lately. He has actually heard of the postponement, but there is no need to delay starting until 2022: So the release date can go from October 22, 2021 to the end of this year.

After all, Dice And Electronic Arts There is more A beta to arrange before this releaseAlso, the formalization of the dates on which it will take place is still pending. Anyway, considering the time, we need to fix it quickly … Battlefield 2042 Otherwise still available for pre-order from At 56.57

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