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Confirmed Release for 2021, Ray Tracing in Dynamic 4K and P5 - Nerd 4. Life

Confirmed Release for 2021, Ray Tracing in Dynamic 4K and P5 – Nerd 4. Life

Ghostwire: Tokyo Will return 4K dynamics And use ray tracing on PS5. Release in 2021 is also confirmed. According to the official page of the PlayStation site game, the general characteristics of Shinji Mikami’s latest venture are reported, which we can read below:

PS5 Features

  • Stunning graphics: With Radiation Tracking and HDR *, the power and speed of the PlayStation 5 console allows a Tokyo’s attractive Tango Gameworks version to be distorted by the supernatural. Faster loading: Travel the ghost streets of Tokyo without having time to thank the PlayStation 5 console’s high-speed SST.
  • Adaptive triggers: Whether you want to fight with conventional weapons or supernatural forces, adaptive triggers will immediately start you into action.
  • Comment Optico– Ghostwire: Feel the power of your paranormal abilities with unique haptic feedback for each character skill and action in Tokyo.
  • Hottest 3D Audiotech (With matching earrings): A smile on your back. The distant barks of a dog. The 3D audio of the PS5 console will immerse you in the bad streets of this unique version of Tokyo.
  • * 4K Dynamic and HDR technologies require 4K and HDR compatible screen or TV.

In short, all the advanced features of Sony’s latest generation console will be exploited. Let’s see if the release date is confirmed or there will be a last minute postponement, as happened in Deathloop.

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