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Confirmation in two steps: If Google’s security becomes a trap – you’re getting your emergency codes


Google is going to die these days Two-step confirmation Make it mandatory for all users to enable them for each account without a long transition period. This will undoubtedly increase the security of Google users, but in personal cases it can lead to problems, so be prepared beforehand. Today we are going to show you an important method, but not advertised by Google, so that two-step verification, thanks to emergency codes, does not become a trap.

Two-step stabilization is a double-edged sword for many users because it not only enhances security, but in some cases even attempts to engage in logging. However, this effort is almost negligible and of course worth every user the protection of their own data according to the small intermediate. But others have concerns about locking themselves out of their account – and those concerns are not unreasonable.

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Secure password is one thing, second confirmation is another. Using the smartphone as an extra key is convenient and increases security, but it can also lead to problems. However, very few users are concerned about these issues, and Google is doing surprisingly little to prevent users from being locked out of their Google Account for good.

In two steps you will need to confirm your identity via smartphone in addition to the password when logging in to unknown devices, locations or particularly important locations. There are various methods for this, from SMS to Prompt Authentication Apps or Smartphone Hardware Security Key. Additional device is required in all cases – so hopefully it will be.

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But what if the smartphone is lost, stolen or broken? Suddenly you are standing in front of a locked door. Again a little analogy: you secured your apartment door with two separate locks, but you only have one key. Despite the keys, you unfortunately have to be outside. It is best to keep a copy of the second key in a safe place.

You need a smartphone to sign in to your Google Account, but you can’t use it for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s lost or stolen, malfunctioning, or currently unusable for any other reason – you can no longer access your data behind your Google Account. Those who do not deposit a second cell phone number, perhaps very few who have it, are now a big problem. If you can’t use the smartphone permanently, the problem is even greater.

In this case, Google has created emergency codes, now called “back-up codes” that represent the copy key for your account. These codes are disposable passwords. The codes you entered to confirm after signing in with a password will not change the password, only the second step. If you lose your smartphone and forget your password (how is that possible …?), The codes will not help you either.

google login codes

This is what creating backup codes is all about

You can download emergency codes directly in the confirmation settings in two steps. You will receive a list of 10 codes, each valid only once – similar to the TAN lists used in online banking. You have used all the codes and need to create a new list. Warning: Creating a new list will automatically deactivate all old codes.

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Try creating backup codes

  1. Open yours Google Account.
  2. In the navigation panel on the left, click Security.
  3. Under “Sign in to Google”, click Two-step confirmation.
  4. Under “Backup Codes”, click Set up Or show codes. You can print or download codes.

Two-step verification is available for backup codes and setup should be completed. If “Sign in using my smartphone” is selected, you must uncheck it to enable two-step verification. If you suspect that alternative codes have been stolen or only some codes remain, select New codes were available Absolutely. Your old backup codes will automatically crash.

Sign in with the backup code

  1. Go to your backup codes.
  2. Sign in Gmail Or another Google service.
  3. Enter your username and password.
  4. When asked for your verification code, click More options.
  5. Choose Enter one of the eight digit backup codes Absolutely.
  6. Enter the backup code.

Node: Since each code can only be used once, it is a good idea to refer to codes that have already been used.

Before you face the problem described above, you should definitely create and download these codes. Because, if you are locked up, it will be too late. Again an analogy for a better understanding: if the second key is in the apartment, it won’t be of much use to you outside the door. I do not understand why Google did not inform users of the possibility of creating two-step verification and backup codes for this issue.

Since Google will soon enable the whole thing by default, every user should request a list of such backup codes and save them in a safe place. At best, print it (do not leave it open), because you do not know which digital device will be lost. It should now be known that you cannot expect help from Google if you lose access to your account.

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