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Confirmation by CEO Lamborghini

Confirmation by CEO Lamborghini

We picked you up last week Details of Lamborghini’s 2021 sales report, That Suggested the arrival of four new models in 2022. Today, Stephen Winkelmann, CEO of Sant’Agata Bolognese, clarified this statement, which reveals what awaits us.

Speaking to CAR, the CEO said:Along the way there will be two Huracan derivatives and a restorative that will be split in two for Urus. So this year we will introduce four new products”.

One of the Huracans should be the Sterrato version, Was spotted earlier this week during some ice test sessions. The other is not yet known, but according to the English magazine It could be a hypothetical Hurricane JV StradaleJust like Porsche did on the 911 GT3 Touring, it lost an STO, stylized aerodynamic connections.

As for the House SUV, We know that Urus’ restructuring is underwayOn the other hand, the second model is difficult to predict, but it will not be a hybrid version, Winkelman added. Plug-in hybrid and PHEV versions of Huracan and Urus will arrive in 2024, A model that will replace the Aventador a year later.

Finally, the CEO revealed some information about the engines fitted with the electrified versions. The Urus PHEV will have a V8 engine There will be a completely new engine for the Huracan Plugin hybrid This may not be common with other engines in the house.

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