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Complete map of the Elton Ring: all areas and underground areas

Complete map of the Elton Ring: all areas and underground areas

The Elton Ring may not be the largest open world ever created, but it can be dense and very organic. Existing elements look natural without scattering around to give the player the things they need to do. It is a constant call to explore, and we find ourselves a little confused by the large amount of things that need to be done and discovered around us. Those who like a little more accessible games may not like it, but researchers and adventurers will love it so much.

After opening the map, we finally collected all the map pieces, including the secret areas, to get a view of the continent. Let it be its broad surface, but also its intestines. It is always a wonderful surprise to find an underground area hidden under the area we have just explored. The navigation between underground areas is not linear and it is very difficult to explore every corner of them.

Underworld Map (Surface)

Grace points can be a bit of a nuisance at this level, but they really help to visualize the areas visited, and not just the mountains or completely inaccessible seas. Click on the map to enlarge.

Entre-terre map (foundation)

It should be noted that there are no catacombs, caves and other underground dungeons on this map. Only large more or less open areas are considered regions, so they have their own map. Click on the map to enlarge.

Elton Ring

Employers of each region

If all this has inspired you to catch local angels, here are our writing and video guides. The world map is not entirely fair to their dungeons, each of which competes with the best parts of the Dark Souls.

  • Necrolimbo – Valerage Castle: Godrick the Crafted
  • Liurnia – Academy: Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon
  • Gallit – Red Lion’s Castle: Rotten, the lice of the stars
  • Leintel, Royal Capital – Morgot, King of the Forces
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Other regional employers will be coming soon.

Underworld concept art

Finally, it’s fun to compare the game map with the concept art leaked a few months ago, and it’s definitely drawn too early in development. It’s very similar, and we really see the key elements out there.

Elton Ring