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Compensation Announces Conder, Co-op Multiplayer Spin-Off

Compensation Announces Conder, Co-op Multiplayer Spin-Off

In the evening, the official announcement Project Condor, Non-definitive title Disable control It will be released 505 Game.

According to what was announced by the software house on the official website, the game will be a topic Multiplayer Online Focuses on the component PVE, Because it is a Cooperative product For Four players. Unfortunately, the details of the game or plot are not known and all that has been said is that the graphic engine or Northlight Engine Issued by. As for reference sites, Project Condor is a game designed for the new generation, so it will only come exclusively PC, PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X | S.. The committee also revealed the initial budget of the project 25 million euros, Which should include growth and marketing costs, which, like revenue, will be divided equally between the solution and the publisher.

We are waiting for new information and we invite you to check it out Review of control in the PlayStation 5 version, Which may provide some clues as to what to expect from Project Conder’s graphics department.

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