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Compared to the release trailer and console versions

Compared to the release trailer and console versions

Publisher THQ Nordic has released the mandatory release trailer for today’s “Biomotent” release. After the unusual open world roll-flaming game was introduced at Gamescom 2017, it is available after a long development period for PS4, Xbox One and PC. PC gamers have to be patient until 7pm.

The title includes a versatile martial arts combat system in which you can both act in close combat and use a variety of guns. You can also use mutations to customize your style of play. A spacious and enchanting game world awaits you, in which you will find all kinds of madness. During your journey, you will have to make many decisions that will affect the outcome of the plot.

Direct comparison of PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC

At the same time, came the first comparison video, in which the individual console versions and the PC version are compared. However, it is based on the PS4 and Xbox One versions New Gen Consoles Reproduced.

On the PS5, the game is displayed in full HD resolution, and Xbox players are provided with 3840x2160p. The PC version comes with GeForce RTX 3080 with 4K resolution and 60 fps.

Surprisingly, it is at the forefront in terms of PC systems. The Xbox Series closely follows the XPS5. The weaker Xbox model certainly could not continue.

There is actually an advantage when it comes to loading times for Xbox consoles. The player is in the game after eight seconds of loading, and PlayStation players have to wait almost 15 seconds.

In general, there will always be frame rate drops during the game, which is especially noticeable on the less powerful Xbox Series S. The developers of Test 101 still have a lot of work to do.

These technical issues are one of the main reasons why international test scores are disappointing:

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