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Google uses Fuchsia for the first time in consumer products

Google uses Fuchsia for the first time in consumer products

The name of Fuchsia is known Since summer 2016, But this is the first time that an operating system developed by Google has been used in a product designed for the general public. Does not replace Android He wanted the rumor for a while, But a Linux-based operating system used by search agents for Nest displays, instead of Cost OS.

Fuchsia in this first-gen nest hub (pictured 9To5 Google).

In fact, it was the first generation Nest Hub that became Fuchsia. Released in 2018, this screen for Google Assistant will change seamlessly from one computer to another as nothing changes for the user. The company is content to modify the basic layout, but the interface created in Flatter has not changed. Also Flutter is assumed to run on all Google computers (Even more so), The surgery is painless.

After all, Google has been planning and gradually deploying for months. For now, only users who have run beta in their Nest Center will benefit from the innovation, no doubt it is time to check that there is no problem with the change.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Mountain View is moving very cautiously …

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