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Comparable power with PS5 and Xbox Series X?

Comparable power with PS5 and Xbox Series X?

From a few hoursSteam deck surprise announcement, Wolverine portable console, The first ideas about the hardware of the device came from people known to the public.

He is also exposed When, Or the popular motor that was able to fix issues with PC ports of some titles on more than one occasion before developers fixed them (we remember the first dark souls of these). In the words of the user, the power of SteamTech should be compared with the new generation consoles Sony and Microsoft, i.e. PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X.. The comparison may seem risky, but Durant explained that this can be done due to the reduced resolution of the valve portable console (equivalent to 1280×800 pixels), which allows you to manage even the most recent games with minimal effort with less powerful hardware. In other words, these are devices The same power per pixel.

Instead, if you want to get specifics and compare different machines regardless of the output resolution GPU The Steam deck is similar to a PlayStation 4 and its own CPU This is more or less equivalent to a processor with less than half the power of the latest generation consoles. Very good on the other hand RAM, Its size is 16GB and is the same on all PlayStation 5s.

The opening of pre-orders is pending and we remind you of that The valve has developed an anti-scalper structure to its steam base.