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Commission is in your favor and it will be in conflict with Viola

Commission is in your favor and it will be in conflict with Viola

Magistrate Michael Prestibino

The season of Michael Prestibino, headed by the Rome Attorney’s Office, is now archived. Last Thursday the V Commission of the High Council of the Judiciary – responsible for executive positions – took a stand on the controversial appointment of a Rome lawyer and pointed out his options after Prestibino to the plenum as the last word.

Arguments include Palermo Francesco Lo Voy’s lawyer and Florence Marcelo Viola’s attorney general, who was defeated in March 2020 when CSM appointed Prestinov as the successor to the witness who left Piccadon. Viola and Lo Voy competed with the stamped paper, getting the cause before the State Council. The administrative justice rulings prompted CSM, which initially sought to protect its own ratings, to change the registry and download Prestipino. The CSM, in fact, decided not to wait for a hearing before the Consolidated Civil Division of the Cassation, which was set for Tuesday, November 23, during which Prestibino’s appeal should be noted after the sentencing of Palazzo Spoda’s judges. His appointment. In Prestipino’s appeal he complained that “there was an overstatement of judicial power due to the invasion of the sphere of choice allocated to CSM for various profiles”.

This brings us to last Thursday when the Commission expressed its preferences. Lo Voy received 4 votes: Antonio D’Amato (Chairman of the Commission) of the Independent Magistrates, Michael Siampellini of the Unicost, Alessio Lanci of Forza Italia and the ordinary person of Alessandra Dol Moro, who financed the harm to Prestibino. Low you. The only option went to Marcelo Viola: Sebastiano Artida for autonomy and freedom. For practical reasons, Fulvio Gigliotti, the ordinary man of the five-star movement, did not vote.

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Now everything is in the hands of the Plenum, which, in all probability, will be decided before Christmas. For that appointment, the CSM will also have the opinion of Justice Minister Marta Cordobia on the two candidates.

Sunday, 21 November 2021 – 08:41
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