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Good news for PlayStation VR users: 6 new titles have been announced

For all PlayStation VR fans, there is great news: Sony has announced the arrival of 6 new titles

PlayStation VR, 6 New Topics Coming (Getty Images)

These are probably crucial months Sony From the point of view Gaming. The Japanese company is called to expedite PS5 production, The next gen console is not practically available to date. Hi-tech company work focuses mainly on this theme, But not only that.

As Sony has proven, in fact, there are other issues as well Who owns the bench Over there. In addition to the upcoming title numbers for PS4, Developers and software houses are certainly not forgotten PlayStation VR The device for accessing virtual reality will display a list of video games that will be available soon With 6 titles Completely new and original. Let’s go and find them immediately.

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Six News Announced by PlayStation VR, Sony

All the details about it are here

There are 6 new topics PlayStation VR: This is the latest good news that Sony has decided to make reservations for its users. In particular, about this:

  • After the fall
  • Doom 3 VR version
  • Deformed
  • Zenith
  • I expect you to die 2 – Spy and liar
  • Song in the smoke

As for the first two, it is approx First person shooter With total involvement for the player. After the fall is set in a Post-apocalyptic context In Los Angeles, Doom 3 is part of historical history 30 years of life.

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Fracked instead of one Action game in Prima personality, Inspired by cult films such as Cliffhanger and Die Hart. Zenith a Multiplayer Set in an open world, I Expect You to Die 2 is a sequel The action title was released in 2016. Infine song in smoke, a survival ad Pseudo-prehistoric system.