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Collection leaked, near release date -

Collection leaked, near release date –

In Tomb Raider: Limited Survivor trilogy Now it appears that only the official announcement is missing Collection of the new trilogy Leaked online by complete leak Exit date It’s definitely close, it’s set March 17, 2021.

Perhaps most closely, consider that the title has never been officially announced Square Enix Or Crystal Dynamics, which may make the date somewhat uncertain or a placeholder, but it is also true that there has been talk for some time about the possibility of a series of three episodes of the trilogy-restart. So this may be the right time.

In any case the evidence is very reliable: the title is there Microsoft Store, Quietly visible (for now) a This address Finish with Card and details Officers. It features Tomb Rider: Definitive Edition (2013), Rise of the Tomb Rider and Shadow of the Tomb Rider. All D.L.C. Published for each of the three chapters. There is also an official explanation, which we state below:

Tomb Rider: The Definitive Survivor trilogy is the complete version of the award-winning Tomb Rider look games. This collection contains all the definitive versions of each preface: Tomb Rider: Limited Edition, Rise of the Tomb Rider: 20 Year Celebration and Shadow of the Tomb Rider: Limited Edition. From Lomb Rider’s Yamatai Island off the coast of Japan to his indestructible secret in the Siberian tundra and the Rise of the Tomb Rider, to the end of his journey to discover the power of catastrophe, Laura follows her adventures around the world. Shadow Mountains of Tomb Raider. Containing content from the final editions of each title, this trilogy offers dozens of hours of breathtaking exploration, challenging puzzles and survival battles as Laura fulfills the destiny of becoming a tomb rider.

At this point we are waiting Official presentation With Square Enix, it shouldn’t be too long now considering the proximity of the release date.

Tomb Rider: The Definitive Survivor trilogy is the complete set of the new Tomb Rider trilogy