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autocertificazione zona rossa

Campania Red Zone, self-certified income from tomorrow: Download the form here

Tomorrow Campania goes into the red zone and with effect from March 6 to April 6, with the new DBCM signed by Prime Minister Mario Draghi on March 2, the restrictions will return. Dpcm’s actions are valid And for Easter and Easter Monday, April 4 and 5.

It is already forbidden to travel between different regions or autonomous provinces, except for travel for work, health or need reasons.

Self-certification for travel

You need a self-certification form to justify all movements not allowed by the commands to move both in the dark orange and red areas. In the red zone you can only go out for “work, need or urgency” reasons.

Self-certification is required in all areas to go out from 10pm to 5am (hence after the curfew order) for “proven needs” for work, health and urgency.

Download the form here.

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How to fill out a self certificate

The rules for filling out the form are:

1. Fill in all the blanks of the moving person’s identity.
2. Fill in the address where the move started and the destination address

3. Fill in all the blanks by tapping the box labeled “Status of necessity”
4. In space – other reasons permitted by applicable regulations or by the above orders, directives and other measures defining measures to prevent the spread of infection – specify what it is