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Codemasters (DiRT, GRID ...) work on their "most ambitious and best" game |  Xbox One

Codemasters (DiRT, GRID …) work on their “most ambitious and best” game | Xbox One

Last January, we learned that Electronic Arts had acquired Codemasters. The British studio specializes in racing games, especially behind the TRT and Grid series and the last official Formula One games. After a very average TRT5, the teams are currently working Grid myths It is planned for 2022, but another project is currently under construction.

The biggest project of the last ten years

Through job placements you can often learn a little more about games in development from different studios. Given Expired, These offers are related to the Development Manager and Senior Manager engineering positions.

In the description of the Development Manager position that opened a month ago, we can read this in particular:

Under the guidance of the Director of Development and with the support of the production team, you will help manage the production of the studio’s next major project, which promises to be the most ambitious and greatest game ever created by Codemasters in 20 years. !

At this time, it is unclear whether we are talking about a new license or a continuation of an established right. On the other hand, keep in mind that in June 2020 the Godmasters were rescued from the Kylodan games WRC Exploitation Rights In 5 years. From 2023 to 2027, many games are expected based on the World Rally Championship.

Support for DRT5 is coming to an end

In the second job post, other information is revealed. DiRT 5 is mentioned and we know support for the game is coming to an end. This title was released in November 2020 and is entitled to many additional free and paid content throughout this year. The team responsible for this support is already working on its next project, so we should no longer expect to download too much content for DRT5.

The team has worked hard to support DIRT5 since its introduction with more content, and as that support comes to an end, we are already in the process of designing the next AAA project.

Anyway, we can’t wait to find this famous “big project”. Keep in mind that DRT5 and many more Codemaster games are still playable on Xbox Game Pass and EA Play.

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