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Apple vs Epic: Appeal against ruling on alternative payment methods

Apple vs Epic: Appeal against ruling on alternative payment methods

The court ruled last month Apple App developers in the App Store should be given the option to integrate their own payment methods. Epic games were able to achieve some success. Now Apple has appealed.

A California court has ruled that Apple may accept so-called attachments in the processor so that purchases can be made through an external site. Apple does not receive any commission if users do not make an in-app purchase through the App Store. This is why the iPhone manufacturer is keen to ban app connections.

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The mood is to be suspended

So it is not unexpected that Apple will take action against this ruling. The company first wants to get a restraining order, which forces the processor on the board to exaggerate and accept the links. If the court wants to allow the application, Apple will have to allow external payment sources only after a final decision is made on the matter. This process is unlikely to be finally decided until the next few years. According to On the edge Apple has justified the suspension, citing security breaches caused by links to external sites.

It is not yet clear whether the appeal is reasonable enough and whether it will be accepted. If the motion is accepted, the complaint will be heard in the High Court. A decision on whether to dismiss the appeal will be made on November 16. The court is likely to rule otherwise in favor of Apple. An end to the legal dispute between Apple and Epic has yet to be found.

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