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Twitch leak reveals revenue of a thousand streamers.  Even the Italians

Twitch leak reveals revenue of a thousand streamers. Even the Italians

Screaming and swearing while playing video games is a sign of your success and earning half a million dollars in two years. Unexpected figures emerge from the big twitch leak. Among the stolen data is the salary of a thousand “streamers”, including Italians. Note that the data is unofficial, but Twitch has confirmed that it was attacked.


Well, in the first Italian place (by followers) we see Pow3rtv, $ 778,962.76 and 1.7 million followers. Second, in fact, Ilmasio, known as the “House”: $ 540,864.81, with 1.4 million followers. Third, ZanoXVII has a revenue of $ 1 million 310,925 with 1.3 million followers. Revenue refers to the period between July 2019 and August 2021. And they Twitch received for their fame (which contributes to the company’s revenue) from advertising and subscriptions). The most popular streamers earn in addition to sponsorships and inventory. XQcow, the world’s leading gamer pro, has raised $ 10 million from Twitch in two years. He’s a champion of video games, but you don’t have to be good to make money on Twitz: Be as famous as Ilmasio teaches.

Implications for tax authorities

So far there have been only a few estimates like the SavingSpot review last year, xQcow tops the charts with gross revenue of over two million (including sponsors and other revenue). However. Daniel Dumioto, a digital expert accountant, explains that it would be interesting to follow the tax implications of this finding “income tax authorities should be notified and included in monitoring the RW structure as they come from abroad”. Unannounced, not only fines for tax evasion, but also money laundering “, he adds. Here is a list of Italian streamers of followers. JustGaBBo $ 386,436.36 (390th) 663,878 followers 10) LyonWGF Live $ 260,029.15 (655th) 641,961 followers 11) gskianto $ 214,565.1 (841st) 624,745 followers 12) MikeShow1S8,992 th) 588,228 followers