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Cloud is not a priority, but the company is focused on the future –

Shundaro Furukawa, President de Nintendo, Recently gave an interview with Nike and the big n. Revealed new details about the strategy Cloud Gaming is considered the future by many companies, Not a priority To Kyoto. Nintendo said it is always looking forward to the future and interesting new technologies.

Furukawa said: “As the popularity of smartphones increases, our strategy is to grow the number of people who play our Nintendo titles. People around the world prefer video games using smartphones, personal computers and dedicated game consoles. Cloud gaming and low streaming Exposed, but They will not be a priority When we choose which game to play. ”

The head of Nintendo says: “I think so The most important thing is content Games and the type of games you can play. At the same time, technological advances can make a huge difference to the gaming experience and itself. Since this is an opportunity, We are always looking for technologies This can be a starting point for fun. ”

In other words, Nintendo’s focus is on focus Use technology to bring new kinds of experiences to their fansThan upgrading the cloud or other similar services to bring the same games in a different way.

Latest The recession of Google Stadia, Which covers the inner rows, certainly not exactly. Cloud gaming may be the future, but for now it seems that it needs time to settle down and find its audience.

Finally, the president of Nintendo also explained that characters and owners should be handled with caution.

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Cloud is increasingly important, but not for Nintendo