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Very rare SNES cartridge found with SA1 chip

It was bought on eBay and given to the hacker who threw it away

The world of reuse is much larger and more complex than can be imagined in general. Consoles of the past were not particularly powerful, and for this reason software houses were forced to try to squeeze the best out of every machine.

In particular, some bullets for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES, They were fitted with a specific type of chip called SA1, which allowed the processor to use higher clock speeds, RAM and many upgrades. Loading this chip into its own carton is one of the most popular topics for SNES, Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars.

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Well, something very rare recently appeared on eBay SA1 chip demonstration cartridge To SNES. It was purchased by a user and donated to the famous hacker and scholar Witter Villala, who was able to make a dump (or in other words, digitalization on a computer).

On his Patrian The demo version also now provides a download for the ROM, which can now be run by anyone. Inaccessible Archaeological Discovery, Now Reachable to All!

Are you a fan of reuse? Have you heard of the SA1 chip?

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