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Nintendo Switch sells 101.88 million units: Wii surpasses

Nintendo Switch sells 101.88 million units: Wii surpasses

Nintendo Switch Has become bulk Sale Per 101.88 million units, Thus exceeding the number வீ, Sold 101.63 million units during its life cycle.

A few days ago there was talk of how the Nintendo Switch would have surpassed 100 million units, but today the same source VGChartz has provided the most accurate data in this regard, updating the information for 25 December 2021.

Waiting for official confirmation from Nintendo, the source says that the switch is currently visible The sixth best-selling consolePlayStation with 102.49 million units, 116.80 million PS4 and 118.69 million Gameboy.

If the Japanese hybrid console continues to grind the numbers as it did in 2021 in the West and Japan, the overtaking of these platforms will appear to be more in the next few months.

In this regard, the current division of units should be 34.74 million in the United States, 26.90 million in Europe (of which 5.14 are in the UK, 6.668 in France and 5.44 in Germany) and 22.98 million in Japan.

These are the most successful games for Nintendo Switch with data updated on 30 September 2021:

  1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 38.74 million
  2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons – 34.85 million
  3. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate – 25.71 million
  4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – 24.13 million
  5. Pokemon Sword and Shield – 22.64 million
  6. Super Mario Odyssey – 21.95 million
  7. Super Mario Party – 16.48 million
  8. Pokemon: Let’s go, Picasso! / EV! – 13.83 million
  9. Splatoon 2 – 12.68 million
  10. Ring Fit record – 12.21 million
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