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Citizen Evil: Lady Dimitrovsky's Wonderful Cosplays Actresses Explaining It

Citizen Evil: Lady Dimitrovsky’s Wonderful Cosplays Actresses Explaining It

Helena Mankovska, face of Lady Dimitrovsky Resident Evil Village, And Maggie Robertson, the actress who plays that character, spent a few Instagram posts time, playing the costume game.

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Kottaku shared These are awesome releases and could not miss them. Our love for the giant vampire is endless, and the two actresses who lent their bodies have our deepest compliments.

First, Spanish model Helena Mankovska took time for a photo shoot, gave herself to the game, and wore Lady Dimitrovsky’s costumes, which gave the character the features of her face. Photo Louis Patilla Capturing the essence of Lady Dimitrescu in portraits of Helena, which lowers your spine Resident Evil Village.

Isn’t she beautiful? Helena Mankovska was able to resurrect this terrible woman, we hate to appreciate!

Maggie Roberston, for her part, wanted to match the skin of the character to whom she gives her voice. He asked the owners ’fans to follow his work accounts on social media instead of following his personal accounts.

Keep it that way, we don’t want to upset Lady Dimitresku, do we?

We can see these two women inside Resident Evil Village, Is offered from the beginning of the month PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Google Stadia And PC.