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guardia costiera

Chestry Lavande throws a quintal seto into the sea: reported by Coast Guard and fined

Chestnut Lavender. He threw it into the sea, from the Aduwa beer along the length of the Bio delle Favolin in Chestry Lavande, a quintal of construction waste but at the time of registration it was identified by Locamere Chestry Lavande staff especially for pollution offenses. The teacher of the gesture was 62-year-old Chestris, who, with his van, came into the hole and dropped the objects directly into the sea, regardless of the numerous cameras, and then fished with the help of a diver.

Today Mario Torrell appeared before the commander of Locamer, who challenged a criminal complaint for transporting and disposing of waste without authorization. Hole. The accused is not new to the news because he was responsible for dropping two quintals of anchovies with polystyrene boxes on a tree inside Chestnut a few years ago.

Meanwhile, the type of tar rolls scattered in the sea, used for waterproofing, has a navigation hazard warning in place. Six of them were rescued yesterday by Chestry Lavande’s Coast Guard, who explained that 13 more were found near La Specia today.

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