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Check out what’s new in the Tiramisu update first

Android 13 Tromis has already started coming out. A few months before the first beta, a big leak reveals what is new to Android smartphone users. Google is working on a new system that allows each app to speak a different language, with default blocking notifications, a customized display for the watch, and a reduction in battery usage.

Several months before the beta program was launched, our colleagues at XDA Developers were able to get their hands on it. Initial phase of Android 13. Update, its current code name is Tromizu, Should include many new features aimed at improving the user experience.

Features implemented by XDA developers may not be included in the final version of the operating system. It will happen Google creates options without adding them to the standard version. Similarly, options vary based on the opinions of beta testers.

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What are the changes in Android 13?

First, Android 13 will allow Each application speaks a different language. For example, Facebook will be displayed in English, even if your smartphone interface is in French. Obviously, this option is reserved for bilingual users. It is titled “Language” and is accessible in computer language settings. Users can also access it from the “Application Info” panel.

The arrival of the change in the administration of Android 13 announcements must be signed. By default, the operating system can consider these A disabled option. Apps are not allowed to send you notifications automatically, just as apps do not have direct access to your contacts, microphone or camera. To receive notifications from the application you have installed, you need to enable the option in Settings. These new rules are intended to protect the user from unwanted notifications. So far no apps have complied with this option. In fact, XDA developers are wondering if the option is finally waiting for a future update.

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Google is also operating A new energy consumption management system. Called “TARE” for short, it stands for “Android Resource Economy” and aims to reduce the battery usage of smartphones. To achieve this, Google Android 13 includes “Android Resource Credits”. Sure, the mobile OS will provide battery usage credits for applications based on the remaining battery life. Loans will be provided with parsimony as autonomy decreases. Credits can force applications to focus on certain tasks more than others.

Android 13 watch

A future update proposes to choose between the two Two display modes for clock on lock screen. Android 13 displays the time in two lines in the center of the screen or in a small line at the top left of the interface. Until now, Android content has been about moving the time display to the left corner when notifications appear. Now you can choose how the clock will be displayed on your mobile. According to many clues, this aesthetic novelty, which has long been demanded by users, rather creates its appearance. Android 12L, Intermediate Update.

The first beta of Android 13 since February 2022?

Finally, Android 13 needs to be signed Advent of support for Bluetooth LE audio. With full support for this new standard, the operating system will provide better sound quality while reducing bandwidth. The Bluetooth LE Audio Additionally, streaming audio to multiple devices simultaneously can reduce power consumption and support multiple streams. The option was discovered a few weeks ago by journalist Mishal Rahman, a former editor of XDA.

If Google is true to its table, a preview dedicated to developers only will be launched By the end of February 2022. However, the final version of the Android 13 update is not expected until next September. We will say more as soon as possible. In the meantime, feel free to comment on the new features found in the screenshots. We look forward to hearing from you in the comments below.

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Source: XDA Developers