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Check out the new Safari interface for MacOS Big Sur now

Check out the new Safari interface for MacOS Big Sur now

No need to wait for Magos Montessori to test Safari 15! With Version 126 Safari Technology Preview, almost all new browser features can now be tested by MacOS Big Suril. The new interface is thus available, this address bar has been completely revised to accept the color of the sites visited. You can disable these settings in advanced settings to return to permanent gray.

Safari DB126 under Magos Big Surin.

Tabs are embedded in the address bar, which is a win-win to reload the page or just like the options menu for sharing a link.

Groups of other great innovation tabs allow you to organize multiple websites according to their websites. Groups are available in collapsible sidebar.

You can access the tab groups via the sensible drop-down menu on the left side of the address bar:

This version of Safari is primarily designed for developers who can test their sites in the new browser, from their Mac’s feature (and stability) under Big Zur – consult consultation tips here This address. But nothing stops the average internet user from seeing what awaits them at the beginning of the school year!

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