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Wave Break

Compete with your friends: Nintendo Switch and PC – the wave break for Endeavor is coming soon

In June of last year, Funchronic Labs Development Studio released the crazy “Skateboarding” game. Wave interval To Google Stadia. As you can guess, this is a skateboard game in which you can travel on the water and do stunts using a small boat instead of a skateboard. As the developers have now announced, it will appear in the spring for PC and on the Nintendo Switch in June this year.

What are your respective goals in the game depends on the game mode you are playing. In “Trick Attack” you have to do as many tricks as possible in a given time, while in “Deathmatch” and “Turf War” you compete against other players – both locally and online. There is also the single player campaign. Many different options for customizing the boat and your character will provide a very personal touch. If that’s not enough, thank you Integrated Author Create your own skate park and share it with other riders around the world. Optionally, you can create a park online with multiple players at once. At first glance, players may sign up for a closed beta phase, which is active from yesterday until March 21st.

For more information, check out the release trailer and latest developer trailer for Google Stadia Edition:

Interested in wave breaks?

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