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Champion Spotlight: Vigo, Fallen King in detail

Champion Spotlight: Vigo, Fallen King in detail

Not too long ago, part of the riot game was offered Opening of season 2021 It also has new additions to Summoner’s split: Waiko, the Thrown King. Not just around its name Own game Is in development – he now wants to take up arms in the myriad League of Legends games he plays every day.

To do this, it uses some special skills. His specialty and signature is to capture enemy players in battle and use their own strengths against the opposing team. A few days ago after his skills were presented in detail (More here) Now there is the big champion spotlight video, in which you can see the detailed games of the new character.

As always, Rebellion Games explains how Vaiko is designed and how it can be used theoretically and function in the game when introducing a new hero. You will quickly change that Vaiko is not a champion. This is because he has to combine the two of his innate abilities well, as well as gain a lot of knowledge of his special power to take enemies for a few dead seconds.

Vaigo Champion Spotlight | Sports

“What skills do I get when using the soul of this enemy, and how best to use them in the next few seconds?” – This will be an essential question that Waiko players continue to face. But Vigo comes with many passive and active components that need to be cleverly combined to get the most out of the hero. See for yourself.

About the League of Legends

Lol – Moba next to Tota 2. Millions of players worldwide fight in the League of Legends every day. The title of developer riot games has been an integral part of the global sports scene for many years. Leagues such as LEC and LCS or the annual World Championships offer enormous prize money and are organized under more professional conditions.

Most recently, the DA-CH region was given a new, competitive league format with the Prime League, which is considered to be the strongest national competition ever in its first season.

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