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CES21> DCL C825, TV Mini LED QLED Ultra HD 4K and HDMI 2.1

CES21> DCL C825, TV Mini LED QLED Ultra HD 4K and HDMI 2.1

The Mini LED QLED Ultra HD 4K TV series announced at the CES Las Vegas 2021 press conference was released in more detail by the Chinese manufacturer a few days later, especially in terms of design by releasing multiple photos of the product.

Aside from the newer displays for the DCLC825 TVs, we now know that the mini LEDs used to set up their full LED local dimming backlighting benefit by significantly reducing their size by 100 பதிலாகm instead of the 200 μm diodes. In the X10 series.

QLED, HDR Dolby Vision IQ, THX Game Mode and IMAX Updated

As for the future TV run Zero announced by DCL (See our newsletter TV Mini LED Ultra HD 8K QLED DCL 85 ” with CES 21> OD Zero Technology), The accuracy of the number of diodes or the number of zones present in the TV C825 is not known at any time. No further details about the different diagonals planned, but 55 ” and 65 ” are expected.

On the other hand, we know that quantum dots technology is involved for better color reproduction. Tito for Dolby Vision and HDR 10 + HDR Support, Dolby Vision IQ Mode and Certifications Imax updated And THX game mode. All integrated with a native 100Hz 10-bit LCD panel, IBQ engine video processing and MEMC (Motion Assessment / Motion Compensation) motion compensation.

Smart Google TV

Google TV, a major evolution of the Google operating system for TVs, will replace Android TV with the next smart TVs of many brands. But, when on Android TV, the apps are at the top of the menus, where this is the priority content, which will be displayed to each other by the theme. More than 6,500 apps are of concern, including Disney +, Netflix, Canal +, France TV or YouTube. You do not have to cheat from one service to another to find what you want to see: Hundreds of thousands of movies and series are organized and searched by genre, regardless of their origin. I.e., Alexa certified works (required for attached speaker type Amazon Echo) Is.

Sound specifications, link and link

In terms of sound, the DCLC825 TV series includes a 2.1 soundbar and the signature Onkyo, similar to the C815 series. Similarly, the acoustic set is identical, with two full-size speakers and a woofer for a total power of 35 W (2 x 10 W + 15 W). However, the connection is often known with four HDMI 2.1 inputs for all aspects of quality: HFR 4K / 120, VRR, ALLM and eARC. On the link page,e Wi – Fi 6 and Bluetooth are supported. Finally, the TV is equipped with a 4MPXL camera to confirm video calls through the Google Duo app. This is a welcome possibility in these times of imprisonment and curfew orders.

Available for spring. Indicating prices are not yet known.

A reminder of the key features of the DCLC825 TVs:

Dolly 10 bits

From 100 to 100 Hz

D From LCDs

Ale Tole Ultra HD / 4K

Processor: Quad core

Mega Contrast Contrast expansion function

On Function White Color Comet

H UHD Color Extender function

UPnP (DLNA) Media Gateway Function

DVR function

AR eARC function

R VRR function

ON Function ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode)

On function 4K HFR 120

On function quantum points

H UHD Super Resolution Function

I AiPQ machine video processing

• HDR10 and HDR HLG compatibility

Bluetooth compatibility

HDR10 + compatibility

Miraculous compatibility

HDR Dolby Vision compatibility

• HDCP 2.2 compatibility

E HEVC compatibility

Dolby Atmos compatibility

HBBTV compatibility

Rans francsat compatibility

CEC compatibility

Al canal ready compatibility

Compatibility[abc] WiFi[/abc] Axe

Certification Imax updated

Certified filmmaker mode

Certified THX game mode

Put inputs: 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs

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உதவி Google Help Multimedia

Multimedia works with Alexa

TV Google TV Media

LED Full LED Local Dimming Backlight System

LED Mini LED Technology: Yes

Tuner [abc]DVB – D.[/abc]2

Tuner [abc]DVB – c[/abc]

Tuner [abc]DVB-S[/abc]2

Section Sound Section: Integrated 2.1 sound menu

Disturbance: 35 W (2 x 10 W + 15 W)

Others: Hands-free voice control function