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Our messages are not secure

Our messages are not secure

Whatsapp is constantly updated and aims to improve the privacy of our messages. However, the investigation questioned the confidentiality

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2021 is definitely not a clear year Share This was due to the fact that users had to deal with a whole series of issues starting on the plane at the beginning of the year Privacy Policy.

Despite the interesting improvements that this has consistently proposed, many have pointed to the instant messaging tool as real. Confidentiality of messages. And in this case Zuckerberg He wanted to reassure everyone through communication Improvements in the security system.

WhatsApp and Message Security: Story Reconstruction

The communications system acquired by Facebook in 2014 provides the first to final encryption of transmitted messages.. If a hacker can interrupt a conversation between two people, he will not be able to understand its contents. In fact, The dual key encryption system makes it unreadable.

Obviously, however, there are systemic flaws: Metadata associated with messages, such as sending or opening time, is not encrypted, and the backup stored in the cloud is protected only by the user’s password (That account Apple Oh Google Should be clear). Police used this weakness to access messages and conversations of subjects under investigation.

However, Facebook reported that this detail has also been corrected. The new secure storage system will make it almost impossible to access its copies Backup. So basically before storing Google Drive Or his Apple iCloud Messages will be encrypted with a Encryption key Created by Share As well as the user-generated password.

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This is the most important aspect that goes unnoticed. Share In the first months of 2021 it has already paid off a large amount of duty Telegraph signal. Now after the introduction of many new features in voice messaging, Here is the decisive step towards Security of conversations, A very popular topic for users.