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CD Project Red 2022 - Nert 4. Life announces the first new games and plans

CD Project Red 2022 – Nert 4. Life announces the first new games and plans

CD program RED Has revealed some plans for the future, or what is to come After Cyberpunk 2077 With New games Later in development 2022 That’s one Restoration Public team to tackle a new way of working and growing.

After the huge 1.2 batch for Cyberpunk 2077, it brought major changes and improvements to the game, although the road is still long, CD Project Red has released many more Programs During a conference dedicated to the stakeholders and the public, the medium and long term, confirms the purpose of advancing new projects.

There will be radical changes Simultaneous development of several games At the same time: from 2022, CD Project Red will launch a new system, which predicts further growth Three games in parallel, Which means something very new compared to what has been done so far. The Polish team is actually known for carrying out only one maxi-project at a time, in which they have to dedicate themselves completely for many years, as we have seen for The Witcher 3 and Cyberbunk 2077.

Overcome the risk of a game not performing as expected (as happened in this first phase of Cyberbunk 2077), and CD Project Red will be rearranged to make progress on several major games at once. As planned, at least two large products can be made in parallel, an element that needs to be strengthened Red machine, It will be upgraded and developed accordingly, but it will also need to further expand its staff Expansion of development teams So you will change in many projects.

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Option to create another element highlighted Online elements For all future owners: that is, in addition to the single player, all upcoming programs may contain online components and will have multiplayer in some form similar to the Cyberbunk 2077 multiplayer, which should come separately in the next period. The Single player Will be a priority in any case, which is very clear by the team, but the next games will all integrate online and multiplayer elements.

The fact that the CD Project is also beginning to develop another fundamental element of the evolution of RED Different types: RPG will remain the same in the future, but the Polish team plans to explore other genres and game genres.