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Castes.  The Venice Carnival is scheduled for March

Castes. The Venice Carnival is scheduled for March

Canceled last year due to a health crisis, the Venice Festival, which attracts more crowds in the city center, is scheduled for Thursday, March 10 to Sunday, March 13 this year. Townhall has begun recording on its site to participate as “masked men”. To participate in the marches, it is mandatory to comply with the charter of the Venetians wearing the mask of Castres. It should be read, accepted and attached to your application. Can be downloaded from the city’s website.

To participate in the masked parade, the downloadable form on the site must be returned to Castress’s Townhall before 31st January, Service Events – 4 Place de la Republic, 81100 Castress or directly via the form. On the line.

Registrations for participation in the Italian Village are also underway. The form to be downloaded from the city’s website must also be returned

By mail or online to the same address.

In the tradition of pure Venice, Festa sull’acqua, an attractive and colorful free show in the city center, is also being prepared.

Everyone is counting on the finger that this event, which has become an inevitable event in a few years in the Dorn Sub-Prefecture, which qualifies as Little French Venice, should happen normally.

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