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Remedy Entertainment: PlayStation-Exclusive Project in Works?

Remedy Entertainment: PlayStation-Exclusive Project in Works?

Earlier last month, Finnish developer Studio Remedy Entertainment gave a behind-the-scenes look and announced that they were about to launch. Five new projects The work is done.

Except for the successful sniper “CrossfireX” campaign created by a team of Remedy Entertainment, only one unnamed multiplayer title has been confirmed. According to Remedy Entertainment, the next five projects are being developed in close collaboration with two epic games. According to current reports and rumors, the makers of “Alan Wake” may also work on the PlayStation-exclusive project.

The rumors were confirmed inside

Claire Bromley got the ball rolling. He works as a global outdoor producer on PlayStation and has shared several job posts from Remedy Entertainment on his Center profile. It should be noted here that the whole thing does not mean anything, as Bromley has repeatedly shared contributions from third-party partners in the past.

In the case: Alan Wake2: PC in succession and development for consoles?

A few hours later, however, an insider of “Shepsol Ed” added fuel to the fire, speaking via Twitter and confirming current rumors about a PlayStation-exclusive plan offered by Remedy Entertainment. Wanting to find “Special Ed”, he pointed out that not only do current reports agree with the facts, we are dealing with a “real” exclusive topic here, not a timeless project.

The local did not provide further details so we can only guess what the exclusive title of Remedy Entertainment is. The makers of Sony Interactive Entertainment and “Alan Wake” have not yet commented on the current rumors.

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They are: Gamingbold

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