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Cashback, the worst surprise for 500 1,500: this is confirmed

Cashback, the worst surprise for 500 1,500: this is confirmed

Cashback is sensational in Italy: there is currently a bad surprise for those who run for 500 1,500. Here is what happens


Except for the final urgency under control: who wants to get their hands on it 1.500 Euro of Super cashback, He sweats a lot and wants to buy more than he actually thought. It emerges from data filtering these days, after super-burns from the low rankings that have severely questioned everything. Notice that it is above the threshold at this time 290 Functions Re-enter the previous one 100,000 users, A huge detachment compared to 220 a few weeks ago.

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Cashback, which can range from 500 to 1,500

Money withdrawal
Cashback (Pixabay)

There was an upsurge, and now it is difficult to reach the final finish line. If you are not in an almost armored ranking situation like the top 40,000 positions, regular purchases will obviously still be needed, since the mid-rankings are all at risk, and there is no need to reduce their focus in the days to come. …

This time we are An average of over 2.5 transactions per day In order not to sink, it is often similar 4-5 purchases per day. But be wary of the final volatone that can make itself worse, even with a plan of 10 activities a day during that period.

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These all mean one thing: with respect 420 Before that, with previous predictions, the robbery was enough to achieve, now we are moving towards a value that breaks the wall of the wall 500 functions And should not exclude a peak At least 700.

Suffice it to say that at this time in the lower rankings we have about 300 interventions on two more horizons in three months: with the average we will actually be above 500, but in the event of a final mania we can accurately move towards 700. We need to equip ourselves Money and patienceTherefore, it should be included in the final list in Italy.