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Complete Football Quests, Neymar Challenges at Fortnight - Breakflip

Complete Football Quests, Neymar Challenges at Fortnight – Breakflip

To Neymar’s challenge, how do you complete the quest for football-related characters at Fortnight?

The Leather Neymar Jr. Finally available Fortnight ! To get it, it is necessary Owned by Battle Boss, But not only. In fact, you may have to Achieve challenges, Which will give you various cosmetic rewards including the football player and his skin!

We’ll explain how to meet the hearing challenge. “ Complete writing quests related to football .

How to complete the quest for football-related writing on Fortnight?

Neymar’s two challenges are to complete the football – related quest. These two challenges will allow you to open up Metador loading screen As well as Neymar Jr. Leather !

To achieve that, you have to do Discover new NPCs, They are now included in the game. There are three of them, which can be found in different cities: Holy Hedge, Pleasant Park and Dirty Dogs. Once you find one of the NPCs, talk to them Accept the quests they offer ! You must complete a total of eight to complete both challenges.

To find NPCs, you can use the map and the screenshots below, which indicate their exact location:

3 NPCs related to football at Fortnight

fortnite-character-foot-pnj-neymar-challengeThe football-related character of the Holy Hedges.

fortnite-character-foot-pnj-neymar-defi-3The football-related character of Dirty Docs

fortnite-character-foot-pnj-neymar-defi-2The football-related character of Sweet Park


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