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Download Overclock Test Tool (OCCT) 10.1.1

Download Overclock Test Tool (OCCT) 10.1.1

The name OCCT comes from the OverClock checking tool. This utility allows you to compare and overlock your computer components. OCCT is the most popular all-in-one stability test and stress test tool.

This puts more load on your components when checking for errors and catches stability issues faster than anything else. OCCT integrates HwInfo’s monitoring machine to get accurate measurements and diagnose problems quickly.


  • Support up to 16 cores (eg Quad-Kentsfield or Octo-Conro)
  • Customizable tests (duration, priority, CPU or RAM, …)
  • CPU and motherboard detection
  • Support for tracking through third-party applications (ie MBM5, Speedfan and Everest Ultimate Edition 3.50 or higher)
  • Can create maps showing temperature and voltage during testing: Unique feature!
  • Multilingual support

Do not let your work be wasted

Make sure your computer is stable before working on your favorite programs – do not restart or memory loss can ruin your hard work

Is this a bug in the game or my computer?

Detect your components by stress test. If something goes wrong, OCCT will pick it up and tell you! By combining a wide range of tests, you can find out what is wrong.

Stop wasting time with after-sales service

Save time by finding out which component is faulty and providing after-sales service with proof that your equipment is faulty. I can not guarantee that everything will be fine, but at least you have a backup.

Modern tracking dashboard

Create attractive and easy-to-read tracking dashboards that show how your component works in real time.

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Check your cooling

The OCCT test will highlight your components. If there is anything wrong with your cooling, you will find out soon enough.

Final CPU test

OCCT’s CPU testing gives you complete control over which hub to test – rotating through the cores, finding out what went wrong, and modifying them … there’s a lot of fun.

Press every megahertz of your components

OCCT will help identify the best values ​​for overclocked components and ensure consistent daily use.

What’s new:

User interface

  • Bugfix: While the test is in progress it is not possible to change the currently active tab again


  • Fix: Wait screen displayed multiple times in tracking section


  • Alter Lake CPU e-cores incorrectly found to be HT enabled in advanced thread mode
  • Bug fix: In rare cases, no cores were selected when first displayed in the Advanced Threading section