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Unusual in Hitman 3: Work in Dubai completed in 8 seconds!

Unusual in Hitman 3: Work in Dubai completed in 8 seconds!

License Hitman Gives the pride of place to the intruder, L ‘Agent47 We need to fully explore his surroundings and the location of NPCs to complete his mission and assassinate his targets. But Some players are a bit rushed, they like to go fast, very fast. But then, very, very, very quickly!

As indicated, A reference site Fast, A player completes the first mission of the Hitman 3 game in Dubai, Over the world, In just eight seconds! For a few days now, players have been around for ten or nine seconds, but a few hours ago, Crown His optimized Tile He has a record that is very hard to beat.

So how do you complete a position Hitman In the shortest time? Well, as a video Crown Above, At the beginning of the mission, two goals 47 Visible from the hall. By positioning yourself correctly and aiming well, you can shoot them in the head very quickly, then run away, and Priesto, you have a world record, Any%, Without any preconditions other than completion of the task. To gain status Quiet killer, Snap- Chose another method, which in the end was not very different in its operation a World record 16s Currently.

As a reminder, Hitman3 PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Switch’s too Cloud version, The Radiation tracking Coming soon on s engines Microsoft As recently announced, the title is on sale At 69.99 Fnac.

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