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Caligula LXXV finally buys console - Nert 4. Life

Caligula LXXV finally buys console – Nert 4. Life

Even our brave one after many months of suffering (and crushing) Caligula LXXV, One of the most active members of our community, has finally got his hands on one PS5. He and his troops can no longer occupy unnamed territories New generation consoles. From now on some will be safe from the domination, power and wisdom of ancient Rome.

After many months of waiting, the time has finally come. February 26, 2021 will be remembered as the day the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes were announced and the day Pokemon Legends: Arsius was re-revealed. However, this day will end in years One of his most talented leaders, Calicola LXXV, was finally able to get his hands on an object that would allow Terracio to conquer the world: the PlayStation 5.

After looking at the gods and biting for a long time Barbarians With him the closed continents could be invaded, and now, finally, the emperor was able to move his civilized forces towards the new frontiers of the Console War. The next gen boundaries, loaded in moments, vibrate to the radiation trace and touch.

So welcome, Chairman, The Unloading. Use your dual sense towards infinite pride and immortality, but remember to step away from the console every time, and then continue to share your (d) adventures with your teammates.

Emperor Caligula, pictured here in a statue, is in fact a dictator, not a kind of orator like “our” Caligula.

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