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TikTok: comment faire pour obtenir le filtre GTA sur l’application ?

Dictoc: How to get GTA filter in use?

The GTA filter is the hilarious new trend of dictoc application. But how to get precious sesame?

Recently, Dictoc users swore. You will no doubt understand, so this is the popular GTA filter, inspired by the most famous Video Games License Grand Theft Auto. Find out how to get it! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

A new trend is rocking Dictoc

Dictoc is a new sophisticated application for young people, but not only! It was criticized by many when it was launched, Which attracts more and more people today.

For good reason! Absolutely everything is perfect. Yes, you heard it. Everything you are looking for is on the popular Chinese platform.

Finally You can not get shelter or car there, but you will have no problem finding a dog on a swing Training on how to drink water.

Surely Dictok, there is dance And dance, voice and background, humor and skills, food and cuisine, but above all, Lots of filters !

Like Snapshot and Instagram, the most popular app offers hundreds. There is something for every taste! But this time a win GTA filter.

Once used, it makes it possible to pass any moment of the day A scene from the game. We really believe it! This is awesome.

But how to get precious sesame? There is nothing simpler than this. MCE TV reveals the procedure to be followed.

Get a GTA filter

Well, unfortunately, this time it’s not a dictator filter. So it is necessary to start by downloading the latest version of another application. Yes! This is Snapshot.

Once installed, open the popular site and then click Small magnifying glass at the top left of the screen. Here you are in the cave of Ali Baba’s filters!

In the search bar, type «Grove Street World. Here you are, you now have the famous filter created by Nikita Treshalov. You can change the font size to your liking.

Is only present Capture the scene or take a simple photo, And save everything in your gallery. You can now close Snapshot and switch to Dictoc.

When applied, click the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen. Select “Download” and import Your photo or video with the popular GTA filter.

For more immersion, you can add music San Andreas theme song Above De Young. There, we truly believe in the game!

You must add a title if you wish Share everything with your community. No doubt you will only get good feedback. Unbelievable with this hilarious filter!

This new trend is a real hit On the Chinese platform. Users never get tired of it! The characters of the most popular video game occupy the news media.

So let’s find the GTA filter!