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Bucksnox also comes with the Nintendo Switch

Bucksnox also comes with the Nintendo Switch

While the PlayStation 5 was exclusively sold at the time of release (released on PC and PlayStation 4), the Buxnox will also come with the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One Game Pass on April 28th.

The other good news is that the free extension of “The Isle of Bigsnax” was released on the same day, which will extend the game by about 3 hours.

Bugsnax invites you to a quirky adventure on Genca Island, where the legendary Bugsnax is half a snack and half the insects roam around. In response to Elizabert Mégafig’s call, you discovered that brave explorer disappeared when you arrived. His camp is upside down, and his comrades are scattered all over the island, alone … and hungry!

Solve the mysteries of Genca Island is yours! What happened to Lisbert? What is Bugsnax? Where do these creatures come from? But, after all, why are they so delicious?


  • Catch them all! Find, hunt and capture more than 100 Bucksnocks using a variety of traps and baits!
  • Find a good meal! To find and reunite the inhabitants of Snooksburg, explore the different biomes of Genca Island.
  • What we eat Feed Bugsnax to give your new friends countless new looks.
  • Move heaven and earth to discover the truth! Follow all the ways to learn more about Lizbert’s Merry Band and the mysteries of the island.
  • Do not stop at the main course! Search the side quests to fight the terrifying Bucksnox in tremendous proportions and get out of the attacked path!
  • Do it yourself at home! Complete the challenges from your mailbox, collect decorations to customize your cabin and most importantly, decorate your favorite Bugsnax in hats!
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