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Brunetta downloads Salvini: "His position in Green Boss is irrational, he only does campaigning"

Brunetta downloads Salvini: “His position in Green Boss is irrational, he only does campaigning”

Forza Italia and the Minister of Public Administration: “The green card should be extended to all sectors, public services and private services, public works and private jobs”

Now everyone understands Captain Nutella’s position: his ambiguous attitude and his contradictory positions in Green Boss (and the extension of all epidemic-related events) make him lose credibility.
Salvini is now isolated from the presidents of the regions and from Forza Italy, which does not accept his pro-denial line: this time Reno Brunetta, Forsa Italy’s minister and public administration, has thrown him out. In an interview with the press, he was fully critical of the former deputy chief minister’s position, accusing him of “campaigning only”.

“Salvini’s idea of ​​extending the quota to 100 a year is his invention. We have not discussed it. The position of the secretary of the Green Basil League is utterly irrational.
“Our goal is to get 90% vaccinated by mid-October, otherwise the cold will come and the virus will start again,” Brunetta explained. Only in this way can we achieve optimal levels of vaccine coverage. ” This is why the obligation is not necessary because “if we push 90% of the people who have been vaccinated with the Green Pass, that’s all.”

“Salvini’s league should be appeased, but now abandoned, but even the union’s‘ little fish ’must continue. Anyone can understand why Draghi said that and what I do.
The Northern League leader later announced that he wanted to fight for Kota 100. “Salvini’s plan is a pure invention – Brunetta was attacked – we have not discussed it at any level, in the cabinet or with my colleague Orlando.” One themed Brunetta promised that “there will never be” in the meetings between Forza Italia and Lega. He cited the OECD study on the “frightening cost” of the operation. Finally, on Salvini’s desire to properly integrate the center, Brunetta commented: “We will do it, but you have not heard of it yet. So he is campaigning.

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