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Broadly against Sony's strategy regarding PC, it prompts you to buy games - Nert 4.Life

Broadly against Sony’s strategy regarding PC, it prompts you to buy games – Nert 4.Life

Bill Spencer, Usually very diplomatic, he pulled a good shot Sony, Compare their different strategies related PC And criticizing the fact that PlayStation is forcing you to buy back the games you already have, if you want to play them on a platform other than looks.

Spencer: “We are the only platform to launch games simultaneously on PC, Cloud and Console. Others bring console games to PC with years of delay, not only making people buy their hardware first, but also paying for PC games.

Of course Spencer did not mention the names, but the note PlayStation Strategy This is very clear. In fact, the difference in approach is significant, with Microsoft asking you to buy the game, so it allows you to play on any site (more than one) that you own, while Sony is tied to its hardware identity and tells you to buy specific versions of the games for each site you own (with a change from PS4 and PS5). , Fortunately, many free updates are available).

Spencer: “We expanded our first party games to launch simultaneously on consoles and on the computer, doubling sales of first party games on PC last year. We are one of the largest publishers of Steam. With Cloud Gaming, it has the potential to bring the quality of our AAA games to hundreds of millions of PCs with enough features that it has not been able to run the best games for years.

With the Xbox launch event approaching on Sunday, June 13th, which will take place at 7pm Italian time, Microsoft is getting more and more interested. She really needs to believe in her potential.

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