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BRAVELY DEFAULT II – Now available for steam

Square Enix Award-winning RPG BRAVELY DEFAULT II is proud to announce that it is now available on Steam for PC. Fans can save up to 10% on purchases made by Steam until September 13th. BRAVELY DEFAULT II was previously available to Nintendo Switch and they followed the adventures of four heroes Seth, Gloria, Elvis and Adele in search of four crystals in Excellence.

PC gamers and newcomers can now enjoy the amazing bold and default layout on Bravely Default II on Steam. With this game mechanic, the higher the risk in the twist-based battle the higher the rewards. Players can modify their team with the work system to find the optimal system for success against tough bosses. BRAVELY DEFAULT II includes music by Revo, who worked on BRAVELY DEFAULT and returns to the game, as well as a solo story with four new heroes light. The Steam version of the BRAVELY DEFAULT II offers numerous research, charm and strategy, controller support and different screen resolutions.

BRAVELY DEFAULT II has been approved by the USK for over 12 years and is now available in English and Japanese tones and also in traditional Chinese for German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and PC (Steam).

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