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WhatsApp is reviewing its terms of use for sharing user data with Facebook

WhatsApp is reviewing its terms of use for sharing user data with Facebook

Nearly seven years after the acquisition of WhatsApp, social media company Facebook continues to integrate the service within its framework. One of the most widely used instant messaging application in the world will introduce new usage rules until February 8: Facebook will force most of its users outside Europe to accept a plus transaction. The latter, in recent hours, have seen messages calling for acceptance of these new conditions.

Currently, within the EU, information is displayed only in versions of the application installed in English; This represents a smaller evolution than expected in other parts of the world. According to the findings of The world, Notice mentions it “Important Updates” Contact only « WhatsApp services and how your data is handled », As well as « How businesses can use the services provided by Facebook to store and manage their WhatsApp conversations .

Contact person The world, Facebook clarified this change by saying that it is WhatsApp “Provides businesses with the option to host their WhatsApp conversations if they do not wish to save their messages using Facebook’s secure hosting infrastructure”. In addition, users “Notified in conversation” If the company they are talking to decide to use these Facebook hosting services.

WhatsApp Terms of Service Updated.

Phone numbers to be provided to Facebook outside the EU

On the other hand, for countries outside the EU and subject to the Public Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the update to the Terms of Use signifies a much deeper change in data processing. Personal WhatsApp. One third of the message displayed is a key point Comment [WhatsApp s’associe] With Facebook to provide integration between Facebook company products. “

In particular, WhatsApp will share personal data such as phone numbers, IP addresses and users’ device information through Facebook from February 8th. Users of the application ” Accept the new Terms of Use to use WhatsApp » After the latter came into force.

Though less severe, it is reminiscent of this new direction taken by WhatsApp Selection for the Oculus subsidiary of Mark Zuckerberg. In fact, since last year, owners of Oculus virtual reality headsets have been forced to link their device to their Facebook account.

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