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"Boring news leads to ambition" is Globril - Nert 4. Life Prediction

“Boring news leads to ambition” is Globril – Nert 4. Life Prediction

It is the role of the natives, or introverts, to report the rumors that somehow pass through their ears. Some that are easy to verify, are difficult to decode. In this case Glass, An insider who focused on the world of Microsoft, shared general information with his followers, however, with implications, was entirely interesting. According to him, really one News Emerged this week, obviously leading to something “boring” Very ambitious However, it will see light in several months.

As can be seen, TheInternal He is very vague, the only thing he mentioned is this week’s news and it will have a direct connection with Xbox.

“Sometimes video game news looks like that Boring on the surface, But they’re really the beginning of an ambition, and have an interesting connection with the Xbox, “Globril wrote on Twitter.” It happened ‘sometimes’ this week. ”

Following the message he put up a hashtag to get back to this post 28 months, Or almost two and a half years. This is a very long time, during which anything can happen. However, Globril promises to return to the matter first.

In your opinion, what message are you referring to? Microsoft acquires Nuance, a company specializing in AI, for $ 19.7 billion.

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