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Blossom Free Download - Plant Identification in Futura

Blossom Free Download – Plant Identification in Futura

Blossom – Plant Identification, as the name implies, is a free application for Android and iPhone smartphones that uses a visual authentication system to identify plants in your home or garden and provide you with a comprehensive record. You meet green people during your walk. It also supports the tree species you can identify in the forest. Fewer than 10,000 plant species are mentioned in the mobile app.

Very easy to use and provides an intuitive interface, but only in English, Blossom is very useful for your indoor plants because the application will show you the basics for maintaining your evergreen plants or your pot flowers well. : Exposure, irrigation, etc.

Therefore, you should take a picture of your houseplant and it will show a whole series of information about the different needs of the blossom plant and how to care for them: the level of difficulty in maintenance, the frequency of watering. , The amount of light it needs, and the type of floor it needs. By its scientific name, you can find out what kind of plant it is (succulent, tropical plant, cactus, etc.), the average size it reaches when it matures. Real information mine for amateur botanists who want to learn more about plants and flowers in their home and garden.

In addition to all the plant identification tools and detailed logs, the Blossom app also includes a set of favorites called Garden, which allows you to quickly find logs of your own plants in a separate menu. Information. You can add your personal notes.

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Finally, Blossom provides a calendar and reminder set, water the plant in a timely manner, replant it when needed, and add a little natural fertilizer to enhance it. If you do not know if the brightness of your interior is suitable for your plant, the light intensity measuring device will tell you whether it is too low or too bright to move the plant to a dark or sunny spot.