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Black Ops Cold War & Warson - Game Trailer Zoo Season 2

Black Ops Cold War & Warson – Game Trailer Zoo Season 2

Activision has finally released the official game trailer for Cold War and Warson Season 2. The focus this season is clearly on a game mode between Warson and the Zombies.

Warson and the Zombies?

Even in advance there were rumors of a new “open world” -like zombie mode. With Reveal In the movie trailer, Trearch points it out again, but without any accurate information.

When the whole thing shook again at noon today TheGamingRevolution Shared a screenshot on Twitter from the officer Call of duty Website was. In this you can see an excerpt from the text “Welcome to Explosion – a new, comprehensive zombie experience.. However, after a while there was nothing to see because it was deleted again.

Mysterious events in Warsaw

Prior to the whole thing there were mysterious events surrounding Warsaw, which the players reported.

So it often turns out to be something indescribable Screen noise In Verdansk they have been out and about in the game. At Mega-Team Deathmatch, a machine suddenly appeared in the hospital Challenge terminal Looks very similar from zombie mode.

There was also an unconfirmed leak, which included a file with a description: “Fight the brand new Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode Warson and the zombie mob in the explosion” Found.

All of this eventually led to this trailer, which shows tons of new content. The Black Ops 4 Battle is very reminiscent of Royal Mode DarknessIt had zombies embedded on the map.

Anyway, Black Ops Cold War and Warson have some new things for us.

Are you already interested? Let us know!

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