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Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War at 35 GB

The popular game Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War now takes up less disk space compared to before.

In a recent blog post, Activision, the gaming company that makes CoD for pre-loaded times and download sizes, has introduced a major shift to the desired location on the computer.

It has been reduced by half. The entire game requires 175GB to 82GB.

Different graphical levels and content packages of the Cold War vary depending on the download size.

If one plans to run multiplayer, if nothing else, they can skip the campaign and zombies download to reduce the total size of the file.

Playing in ‘Ultra Graphics’ mode, with implicit 4K text and other fancy bells and whistles, will require a large amount of disk space for obvious reasons.

Here is the complete solution of the download sizes, which will not change again before it starts.

Cold War PC Download Sizes

  • Multiplayer only: 35 GB
  • Full game: 82 GB
  • Full Game – Ultra Graphics: 125 GB

It is possible that the previously estimated amount of demand will cover all future updates, reducing the need for what Activation will actually be at startup. We didn’t know it until shortly after it started.

The size of the Cold War on a computer is smaller than its PS4 (95GB) and Xbox One (93GB) connections. This includes the fact that the ultra graphics on the computer are smaller than the required download size