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Will the new world attract the RTX 3090s? Amazon responds - News

Will the new world attract the RTX 3090s? Amazon responds – News

Many posts seem to confirm that these are not isolated issues, and that other users on social networks have reported crashes during a game session (mainly targeting cards made by EVGA). Consumption peaks at 100% and above are particularly prone to overheating Frame rate And unopened update rate in open world gaming systems. At the rate of several thousand euros per card, there is really something to fill.

After noticing a period of silence, the Amazon split From an official post Sports forums. And advises RTX 3090 owners to keep quiet to avoid GPU loads that can travel on the precious card, asking them to review drive system and game frame rate limits. Driver settings and FPS in 60 of the display settings before restarting the MMO client. “This is to avoid GPU usage issues“, We are told.

However, some users have pointed out that overheating and malfunction issues persist even when the defaults are enabled and the frame rate is closed (in the range of different cards, not just the suspected EVGA model). So if you are one of the owners of big bikes it is better to wait for a while and there is no doubt that Amazon is using potential updates to make the beta less dangerous.

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