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Black Day of Circumstances unleashes Eve staff: “Unsubstantiated refusal for overtime”

When the public transport front leaves the circus on dark days, the EAV shrugs off all responsibility and speaks of “refusing to accept extraordinary changes, especially train drivers”.

Endo Autonomo Volturno accuses it of being “the third in the last thirty days”, so that on the catastrophic day recorded on its railroads, especially in Sarkozy Vesuvius, 35 races were canceled (there were initially 39), of which only nine had bus services changed. Given that a disaster, especially in the Vesuvius line, came into effect yesterday’s the new schedule, “We set the goal – explain from EAV leaders – to increase daily travel by about 30%. Reduce delays.”

The new timetable is made possible by the increase in the number of trains available: «With today’s 67, it reaches the record of at least the last eight years. A huge effort: not so many trains are available for circulation.

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But, as the company always explains, «planning is based on historical data on the number of travelers available and the acceptance of a fixed amount of overtime work (a quarter of the services). Statistical data from recent years. The new training plan and changes have been agreed and signed with all unions. Instead, today “there has been a sudden refusal to accept the services of a significant group of people, especially in the train drivers’ segment. The third abrupt rejection in the last thirty days. This denial determines the consequences of the regulation of the service (cancellation of trains) and presents itself as a form of extraordinary protest because it is abrupt and occasional contrary to normal practice. Question: What are you protesting about? Why don’t you suddenly want to do the extra time that has always been done in recent years? Just today we have more trains and Govt needs more rides? .

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Therefore, Eve declares that she is forced to recalibrate her daily exercise plan instead of using extra time. “Therefore, starting tomorrow, September 8, and for the next ten days, the Naples-Poggiomarino line will be suspended and some trips to other lines will be removed in less time. Locations will be served by direct trains on the Naples-Sorrento route.All other Vesuvius lines are still active, especially Naples-Sorrento and Naples-Cherno, which usually allows you to reach most places on the paused line.

“As is well known – they are coming to an end from the Volturno Autonomous Organization – despite the fact that 560 recruitments have been completed in the last thirty months, there is still a clear need for overtime work in the agency. No one in the rankings, they were all hired.Many of those hired are still completing the training period requested by Anfisa (which lasted 12 months). Clearly agree.

Meanwhile, there is no shortage of political controversy surrounding today’s scandal: «Even today the EAV denies travelers and tourists the opportunity to use adequate rail transport. 39 It is absurd to try as a tactic to cancel trips and try to reduce inconvenience by suppressing or weakening stops. These are the services of an underdeveloped country, “said Ricardo Guarino, president of the Neapolitan Renaissance and a candidate for the Naples Municipal Council.

“Passengers are fined twice: they are forced to wait even hours to catch a train and they are not likely to travel decently, yet they clearly pay important season tickets for adequate service,” Guarino added. Pointing to the code against the Campania region and the center-left: ப்பில் In Governor de Luca’s description the EAV is always presented as the region’s little wonder. It is also an argument that can be used to verify the possibility of creating a single regional company, which will now also be responsible for the bankruptcy transport to Naples in the hands of Anme. It is clear that the EAV miracle is another myth of the center-left who wants to rule the city now. Naples is more deserving, more deserving of non-storytelling people, but rolling their hands to do things starting with public services, ”Guarino concluded.

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The regional councilor of the M5S Gennaro Sayello rejects the “rules of the new Circumvesuivana fitness program”, which is “completely irrelevant to the daily needs of those who use the main train in Campania for work or study.” Purely for tourism purposes. “” Weak or closed stations – Sayello added – are located mainly in the suburbs, despite all regional plans to reclaim the suburbs. Over the years – we demand a change in the management of what has been described in recent Pentolaria reports as the worst public transport service in Italy. In the next few days, I will ask the Eve administration, regional council and transport officials to meet with the associations fighting for passenger rights in Campania to define a new plan.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021 – 20:47
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