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BioShock, Big Daddy's terrifying face without helmet is here

BioShock, Big Daddy’s terrifying face without helmet is here

Bioshock A series that fans will never forget, since the fourth episode has been confirmed, fans are no longer in the skin.

Announced in 2019 BioShock4 This really represents an important challenge for the owner in the hands of the tag-do, especially considering the special The first trilogy.

The next chapter of history must fully accept the whole of the next-gen, The latest rumors are enough to push the direction of the PS5.

It really has to be an open world, Is real Page search And story with strong emotional impact.

First, part of the success of the historical chapter is seen in this Uncle, A human figure wearing a gigantic diving suit but armed with pistols, drills, rocket launchers or lasers.

Over the years, many have wondered what the real aspect of a defender is Little sisters, Always without an answer.

Now, PC Gamer’s Andy Kelly (via GameSrotter) Invented the official artwork showing Cool look of Big Daddy without helmet.

The film is attributed to former irrational sports veteran Rob Waters and the shows Swollen and swollen human face, With a sad and depressed look.

Just below, the artwork in question in all its confusing wonders.

Luckily (or not) it was finally decided to cover up Big Daddy’s real face, perhaps so as not to further affect the player’s intent in exploring the depths. Rapture.

Returns to talk about BioShock4, Months ago he was discovered to have a style Such branching dialogue is similar to that found on RPG topics Fall.

But that’s not all: you’ve also read the film’s screenwriter Destruction fight He said he will be involved in the future as well A film adaptation Bioshock?

A film dedicated to the famous Tag-do Saga was already in any case, but It was canceled due to proportional costs.

If you are interested Bioshock, You may like Buy the official book From The Rage to Colombia, In which each chapter of the Saga is analyzed in detail, now available on Amazon.

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