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BioShock 4 is built on Unreal Engine 5, new details - Nerd 4. Life

BioShock 4 is a PS5 exclusively alleged leak – Nerd 4. Life

BioShock4 It has not even been officially offered, but it already exists Corridor entrance It could be onePS5 exclusive, The real trajectory of this next gene more or less fought against the noise of temporary partnerships and exclusive agreements.

In this case, the rumor comes from Nick from Xbox Era, “Internal” It has guessed some things in the past, but considering that it is not enough to believe in the most secure way, we do not currently know its reliability.

However, inThe last episode of his podcast, The character in question said he had received information that the BioShock 4 might be exclusive to a PS5: we don’t know Total or temporary, Although the second hypothesis is high, the 2B games game will come under several exclusive deals signed by Sony in this PS5 release.

Probably, the rest will have to waitE3 2021 The titles shown during the event by the 2K games may include BioShock 4 or any confirmation considering that this video game may have been mentioned in some way during the various encounters over the summer.

Assuming that the original Bioshock is a temporary exclusive for the Xbox 360 and PC, this will be a definite reversal compared to the look that came on the PS3 more than a year after the original release. It also demonstrates the aggression that Sony wants to preserve exclusive games for the PS5, especially those genres found on the front of first-party internal products. First person shooter.

For now, we know practically nothing about the BioShock 4, which is in development and probably based on Unreal Engine 5.

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