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Biomotent was created by a very small team and he wanted to work in silence - Nert 4.Life

Biomotent was created by a very small team and he wanted to work in silence – Nert 4.Life

Biology Test 101, a is in development Very small team Considering the size of the project in question, this explains ம .னம் This surrounded his growth because the team was simply too busy at work and did not want to release any statement about the release or its characteristics.

Team leader, Stephen Lungquist, Explained that the test 101 group calculates 20 developers Full-time, it’s too low for a game to reach biomotive, which is enough Sandbox It is rich in elements of life and communication, which complicates its management in many respects.

The Map Biomotents is not as detailed as the others we have seen in other games, but this one in particular Dense and rich Tribes fight with each other, complex elements such as buildings to capture, fighting creatures and the changing character, thus altering the possibilities of interacting with elements of the scene.

They are all properties Difficult to manage, In view of possible errors. This led to a great deal of testing 101, which found itself to have its small size and human work rhythms, Significantly extend the time Dedicated to development.

Considering all this, and considering the amount of time that has elapsed, it also explains why the developers have been quiet for so long, without giving great information about the game. Errors search and Clean up Overall this is also a feature that takes a long time, and although the developers are realistic that it is possible to publish a completely error-free game with such a small team (which is very difficult), they at least work to ensure that all major issues are eliminated, and then move on to the arrangement of the most sophisticated components.

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There is also a kind of reputation based on the player’s actions, which further complicates the fact that it alters the dialogue with the characters. In the end, Biomotent still had it all Ambitious features They were designed by developers, so the rest should look at it in its solid form.

The official release date for the game has been announced May 25, 2021, Four years after the first official presentation on Gamescom 2017.